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    Oaktree Home Inspections and Sewer Scopes Features:

    • Thermal Imaging
    • Sewer Scopes
    • Drone Roof Inspection
    • Moisture Testing
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    Hi, my name is Roger Hammond.  I am a certified home inspector (license #1403) with the state of Washington.  I am AHIT and InterNACHI certified and trained. Although I grew up around construction, I've come to realize that home inspection is very different.  Each home is its own unique puzzle and if you look at it through the correct set of lenses, you'll see things others may gloss over, repeatedly.

    I pride myself on my attention to detail and helping my clients understand the big picture.  There is no perfect house (at least that I've seen yet).  So it's my job to help you understand the home and whether or not it has a relatively clean bill of health. All reports will be delivered that night, or the next morning.  A thorough walk-through of the home will be done once the inspection is complete.

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    Knowing the condition of a home before you buy or sell will help to eliminate unpleasant surprises, lower your risk, and give you peace of mind. It is our goal to provide you with the knowledge and information you need to make an informed decision. Oaktree Home Inspection provides a comprehensive and unbiased analysis of the home's major systems in a format that is easy to understand.

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