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    NS Everett, WA History

    NS Everett is the newest Navy station in operation. It was proposed in the early 1980s as part of a strategy of spreading Navy facilities over a larger area. Everett was selected from a list of thirteen candidates and opened in 1993. A procession of ships were homeported to NS Everett, starting with USS Ingraham and USS Ford. In 1997 the Nimitz-class carrier USS Abraham Lincoln was transferred to NS Everett, where it remained until 2011. In 2012 NS Everett gained the USS Nimitz, leader of her class and flagship of Carrier Group Eleven.

    Today Naval Station Everett, newest station of the Navy, homeports six ships, including a carrier, two destroyers, and three frigates, and hosts a Coast Guard tender. The station houses a complement of 3,000 sailors and civilian employees, with 350 assigned to the station itself. The station grounds are the most modern of the Navy, including some of the newest housing and recreation facilities, an up-to-date commissary and exchange.